Betrayal (Blood and Ashes)
By Michele Acker
Murder By The Books
By Ron Atkinson
The Doula
By Bridget Boland
By Kristin Elizabeth Clark
By W. D. County
Dark Twin
By Veronica Dale
The Proof
By Cheryl Colwell
Jack of Hearts
By Robin F. Gainey
By Angela Hunt
The Other Rose of Texas
By Dean Kirkpatrick
Innocent Little Crimes
By C. S. Lakin
Steam Dogs: A Novel
By Sharon Joss
By Sarah McGuire
Any Other Night
By Anne Pfeffer
By Lissa Price
Naked Ambition
By Rick Pullen
Dear Mr. Knightley
By Katherine Reay
Under the Never Sky
By Veronica Rossi
By Veronica Rossi
Brothers' Hand
By Michael J. Sahno
Shadow of the Raven
By David Sundstrand
By Keith Yatsuhashi
By Michele Acker
Lumière (The Illumination Paradox)
By Jacqueline E. Garlick
Street Heat - A Mystery
By Will Graham
Doesn't She Look Natural? (Fairlawn)
By Angela Elwell Hunt, Angela Hunt
A Life Worth Living
By Lorrie Kruse
Blood and Salt
By Kim Liggett
Arrow of the Mist
By Christina Mercer
Risking the World
By Dorian Paul
The Wedding Cake Girl
By Anne Pfeffer
Enders (Starters)
By Lissa Price
Paradox Found
By Jonathon Reeves
By Michael J. Sahno
Roar and Liv
By Veronica Rossi
Shadows of Death
By David Sundstrand
Leaving the Bellweathers
By Kristin Clark Venuti
Double-Click for Trouble
By Chris Woodworth
Ivy in the Shadows
By Chris Woodworth
Portal to Murder
By Michele Acker
Can't Look Away
By Donna Cooner
Jerk, California
By Jonathan Friesen
The Library at Mount Char
By Scott Hawkins
The Face
By Angela Elwell Hunt
Brothers of the Fang
By Sharon Joss
By Katherine Longshore
Written In Blood
By Luisa Prieto
Hemingway's Girl
By Erika Robuck
Miles of Files
By Michael J. Sahno
Legends of Perilisc
By Jesse Teller
Georgie's Moon
By Chris Woodworth