Since 1995, Free Expressions Seminars and Literary Services has  operated on a very simple premise: we believe in writers and in the  vitality of the written word. We also believe in the possibility of  great artistic and commercial success for those writers willing to dig  in, work hard, and create great stories.

That belief led us to create internationally acclaimed writing  workshops with literary agent Donald Maass and others, as well as a host  of editorial services designed to support, empower, and launch  successful writing careers.

As authors, editors, and book lovers ourselves, we've helped good  writers become great writers. We’ve helped unpublished writers become  published writers. And we’ve helped midlist authors revitalize their  careers.

Our students and clients will tell you that our passions run pretty  deep and that when we say “full service,” we mean it. If we can help you  succeed at something you love, we’ll find a way to do it. Because  that’s not only what we’re good at—it’s what we love, too.

Thanks for visiting our site. Have a look around, and know that we take your dreams and ambitions as seriously as you do.


"I highly recommend Lorin's services to anyone who wants to take his or her writing to a new level. Lorin's expert advice and editorial comments pushed my manuscript from good to sellable. The result? A two-book deal at auction to Scholastic!" -- Donna Cooner, author of SKINNY


"Don Maass's Breakout Novel Intensive was a life-changer. In one week, I learned more than I ever had in the two years it took to earn my MFA, and at a fraction of the cost. I plan to return again and again to these workshops. Thank you to the entire Free Expressions team for the best writing week ever." -- Julia Greco


"When I signed up for a one-on-one weekend with Lorin, I had no idea she offered so much more than manuscript revision. She knew my story, my characters, and the heart of my story with such clarity and depth. With Lorin's intellect, love of story, and professional integrity, run don't walk to sign up." -- Jo Cooper